Environmental Management

Until now, environmental responsibility may not have had a significant impact on your business, that is going to change. Two significant events have recently put the environment firmly in the spotlight.

Firstly, the Blue Planet II series brought the scale of marine pollution to millions of viewers. The sight of so much plastic waste floating in the world’s oceans was a shock to many and has invoked action. Secondly, China announced that it will no longer accept the UK’s plastic waste. This closed the door to the UK’s waste management strategy, currently the UK has no other viable option. There isn’t the capacity to store or process the high volumes of plastic in the UK.

Businesses and the population are recognising that drastic action is needed towards sustainable production and consumption.

The benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management

When your business has achieved ISO 14001 certification, it will have earned an internationally recognised standard. This can benefit your operations in the following ways:

Whilst ISO certification is a company led process, Benchmark Safety Group provides expert support to guide you through to certification. We have a 100% success rate.


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